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  • Achievements

    Red Dot Award,
    350+ Patents

  • Professional R&D Team

    Industrial design, Structure design, Electric design, CFD...

  • Customized Products

    Experienced engineers to provide the quick technical support services.

  • Intelligent Equipment

    Automatic production line, traceable MES quality system, intelligent storage and logistics warehouse.

  • 10+

    Years design experiences on air Purifier

  • 60+


  • 25+

    New product development annually

Qualified Laboratory

The products researched and developed mainly focus on the concept of health, energy conservation and sustainability. At the same time, advanced technology and continuous innovation are introduced to optimize the products to the best state.
  • R&D Team

    Professional R & D team of air purifier, with more than 50 Engineers Annual independent research and development of new projects 25+.

  • Test Center

    CNAS laboratory standard is available (relevant certification application is in progress), Advanced methods, complete equipment and strong professionalism.

Strict Quality Control Throughout Manufacturing

  • Noise Testing Room

  • Constant Temperature and Humidity Room

  • Formaldehyde CADR Test Chamber

  • Partical CADR Test Chamber

  • Air volume Tester

  • Transportation Tester

  • Material Test

  • EMC Test